Monday, December 26, 2011

Their actual anniversary was

Fun Wedding Favors: Photoboots   
Fun Wedding Favors: Photoboots
Short Funny Wedding Toasts       
Short Funny Wedding Toasts
beautiful and fun wedding        
beautiful and fun wedding
Wedding Dress Shoot              
Wedding Dress Shoot
The response cards included      
The response cards included
response card wording - Bridal   
response card wording - Bridal
says the reception card.         
says the reception card.
response card wording - Bridal   
response card wording - Bridal
fun wedding response card        
fun wedding response card
The back of the response card:   
The back of the response card:
Wedding Invite Wording Samples   
Wedding Invite Wording Samples
A Candied Invitation: Part II    
A Candied Invitation: Part II
Funny Wedding Picture T Shirts   
Funny Wedding Picture T Shirts
10th Wedding Anniversary         
10th Wedding Anniversary
Caramelized Pear Cake. 4         
Caramelized Pear Cake. 4
Cooking is always a fun way to   
Cooking is always a fun way to
winner - baseball cake-          
winner - baseball cake-
10th wedding Anniversary         
10th wedding Anniversary
10th wedding anniversary         
10th wedding anniversary
Their actual anniversary was     
Their actual anniversary was

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